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Companies in the TMT sector don't just look at the future. They create it. Our expertise help them unleash their full potential so that they can turn possibilities into reality. And make the world a better place

Technology Industry

As a result of the rapid pace of technology development reinvention of propositions and products is just as crucial as an invention. Our mission is to assist technology companies in developing cutting-edge business models, enabling change within and throughout their organisations, all in view of sustaining performance in a competitive market. In addition, we help them discover their purpose again and re-energise it to create value for both shareholders and society. 

Media industry

In today’s media industry, compelling content is vital. As consumption patterns and spending shift, we help media companies adapt. That means developing pricing and customer acquisition strategies that let clients win with subscription-based models. Creating personalised experiences is all about using AI and advanced analytics. A successful business model can take media player to a new level by improving operational efficiency, organisational design, and customer insight. 

Telecommunications industry

It is through connectivity that telecommunications companies can expand deeply into the digital economy. By focusing on seven key enablers, we help clients capture new opportunities—and overcome familiar challenges, such as price pressure and competition from agile digital players and beat back common challenges. Some critical enablers include placing the customers at the centre using data-driven insights, next-generation B2B, beyond-the-core expansion, network excellence, novel ways of working, artificial intelligence at scale, simplification, and digitisation.

Products, infrastructure, and content from the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) industry contribute to the resilience and sustainability of various sectors. In addition to facing challenges, they must think boldly, act quickly, and improve continuously. To achieve tangible and lasting results, RDC’s TMT consultants build a solid foundation with companies to propel them into sustainable growth. 

Technology, media, and telecom leaders

Our experts develop TMT business models, strategies, and technical and human capabilities that spark transformation, insight, innovation, and value. In addition, they are supported by a network of data scientists, digital business leaders, IT experts, and thought leaders in areas such as people and organisation, marketing and sales, and pricing. This is a holistic approach across all of TMT. 

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Our services are designed to deliver results

Thousands of companies across all geographies and sectors depend on our solutions to develop and execute winning strategies in an era of disruption. A thought leader in strategy, we provide unparalleled capabilities, tools, technologies, and talent to every engagement, complemented by an ecosystem of specialised partners. We will help you mobilise for change and navigate uncertainty to achieve sustained, profitable growth. The services we offer include the following.  

Expertise to enable TMT Clients

In a rapidly changing industry, challenges and opportunities are constantly evolving. Here are just a few areas in which we collaborate with clients. 

Service Delivery Platforms

A platform often only serves incumbent brands and virtual operators, leaving challengers, start-ups, and other new entrants to compete against them. With a MION, you combine mobile brands, sub-brands, MVNOs, digital service providers, and IoT players. We help you curate strategies and intelligence to unleash the exciting potential platforms can offer. 

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is entering a revolutionary era, driven by falling airtime costs, new devices and 5G deployment. To take full advantage of this opportunity, IoT players must be ready. RDC can assist you in developing an IoT strategy, negotiating airtime deals, determining which verticals to target, and providing knowledge of current technologies. 

Wholesale and MVNO

Due to lower device costs and expanding 5G coverage, wholesale mobile is booming. As excess capacity is used, wholesale services now include mobile data, messaging, fixed broadband, and more. MVNOs are evolving into a new breed of innovators called MIONs, brands that want to control their mobile connectivity within five years. In the coming years, we expect wholesale connections to double to more than 1 billion and IoT connections to nearly double to more than 2 billion. RDC has monitored this area of the industry for hundreds of companies worldwide.  

Payments / Fintech

By investing beyond recharge and telecom services, telecom operators and platforms can benefit from this shift to m-commerce. A transactional and value-enhancing partnership can both increase payment volume and spending value. In the event of successful adoption, the payment process will become more efficient and more transactions will take place. 


Operators should pay attention to retaining their core customers. In traditional loyalty schemes, customers receive points based on how much they spend. The “earn and burn” model does not provide engagement through rewards and activities. Operators are vulnerable to competition if they treat loyalty as an afterthought. 

Emerging Technology

The telecom and media sector will continue to be transformed by the emergence of new technology. For example, chatbots and virtual assistants replace human operators in customer service and early fraud detection (consider the explosive impact that ChatGPT is already having). As a consulting firm that creates disruptive strategies based on emerging technologies, RDC has developed significant expertise in fundraising, due diligence, and mergers & acquisitions. We are witnessing a considerable flurry of investments in this area.

Enterprise Solutions

It has become imperative that enterprises develop solutions that facilitate remote working for business efficiency. In addition to working across multiple device types, solutions must seamlessly access different geographies, languages, time zones, and cultures across the globe. Integrating mobile, landline, IP, Wi-Fi, cloud infrastructure, networking solutions, and applications is a hugely complex process that requires an equally complex solution architecture. 


Using convergence and value-added services (VAS), traditional telcos can future-proof their business against commodification. Operators can also offer multiple service offerings that diversify customer engagement. This can happen at several levels, from bundling services to bringing together technology from two industries that are visibly different.

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