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Developing flexible architectures to create a connected partner ecosystem

Platforms play a significant role in bridging the gap between consumers and networks. They provide essential operational functions and enable innovative services to be developed and deployed to end customers. However, all too often platforms limit themselves by serving only incumbent operator brands and virtual operators. An approach like this ignores a huge market slice, leaving challengers, start ups and other new entrants to be serviced by competitors. If platforms fail to adapt and serve greater market shares they risk being left in the dust by the telecom industry.

We also point out that the current fragmentation of service providers causes uncertainty for end-users, networks, and associated platforms, which in turn stifles innovation. We believe it is time to bring these players under one umbrella term and simplify the ecosystem.

To capture this new way of thinking, we have developed the concept MIONs: Mobile Innovators on Networks. MIONs consolidates mobile brands, sub brands, MVNOs, digital service providers and IoT players into one common category, which in turn breaks down the siloes in which they are treated, helping the industry rationalise and become more efficient.

By thinking of MIONs as one group, with a common set of needs, the industry, and platforms in particular, is then able to provide a more integrated and standardised approach.

At RDC, we develop innovative go-to-market strategies for technology focused platform providers by understanding the language of the customer, simplifying complex concepts, and brining the vision to life. We have exceptional expertise in developing flexible architectures to cater for multiple geographies and verticals.

In short, we create bespoke strategies and adaptable architectures to serve your customers wherever they are and in any way they need to be served.

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