A fresh approach to delivering digital strategy

Red Dawn Consulting is an agile team of digital growth experts. Our specialist team has worked on hundreds of projects in telecoms, media and technology in every continent over the past 25 years. This gives us an unparalleled toolkit of best practices to build winning growth strategies. Our strategies are grounded with an intimate understanding of your competition, customers as well as emerging innovations from around the world.

We build strategy from a rich mix of ‘inside-out’ and ‘outside-in’ perspectives. Our consultants have spent many years inside the industry in roles ranging from project management to the C-suite. This means we have amassed a massive global network of industry leaders across telecoms and media operators, new entrant brands, technology innovators and financial institutions.

We are highly networked globally and hooked into emerging digital trends in adjacent industries covering the entire value chain to drive ‘outside the box thinking’.

At Red Dawn Consulting we deal with the complex, yet keep our communication and guidance simple. Our advice is crisp, concise and practical.

Unlike traditional consultancies, we are highly hands on and can integrate seamlessly with your team. We offer a flexible working approach, from project-based to interim management. This mean we can take propositions from conception to launch and beyond.

A client experience built on trust

Clients trust us to deliver fresh solutions to their challenges, turning to us for market leading innovations. The pillars of this trust are built from our core values:


We don’t simply play back what we’re being told. Even if our advice means a fundamental shift in traditional thinking, we won’t hold back in bringing innovation forward.


Whilst delivering rapid short term gains, we don’t do this as the expense of long term sustainability. Technology has the power to transform societies. In this quest, our role is to ensure customers are treated with respect, not simply as a monetisable commodity. Positive social impact matters to us.


We don’t just deliver disruptive ideas, we back it up. Our market intelligence is highly rigorous – we leave no stone unturned to ensure you have optimal advice. End to end for us means strategy should come with a practical delivery plan, made possible by our consultants’ hands on experience.


We move with industry, which is revolving at a phenomenal pace. Whilst our methodologies are well established, we bake flexibility into our approach. Recognising strategy changes as findings emerge, we evolve our thinking to keep you ahead of the competition.

In a nutshell, we provide rigorous market analysis and winning strategies to deliver fast track digital growth.

Our clients

We work with market leaders across the value chain and across the globe:




“The work done by the RDC team was instrumental in our endeavour to overhaul Ground Control‘s future roadmap. Their ability to turn innovative strategy into actions has helped us strengthen our position with customers and shareholders”

Alastair MacLeod, CEO, Ground Control

“RDC understood the IoT landscape in depth and had the right relationships to help Wireless Logic qualify acquisition opportunities”

Oliver Tucker, CEO, Wireless Logic

“There’s a big passion for thought leadership at Red Dawn. Their research and storytelling skills enabled ACI Worldwide to hold thought-provoking talks on-stage at industry events and off-stage with new prospects.”

Andy McDonald, VP Sales Europe, ACI Worldwide

“The team at Red Dawn has a real knack for discovering what customers need and how that evolves over time. Ready Wireless‘ positioning in new markets and verticals has strengthened with them on board.”

Dennis Henderson, CEO, Ready Wireless

Meet the team

Our team members have a rich mix of intelligence, diligence and humour, stretching beyond traditional thinking. We are never afraid to propose hypothesis led, “never-been-done-before” disruptive strategies.

Having all worked in industry and consulting, our advice is highly practical and grounded in deep experience.

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