Our consulting services transform strategy

We group our advisory services around four interrelated areas

TMT Market Intelligence

We leverage our extensive industry knowledge and experience to provide our clients with actionable intelligence to enable informed strategic decisions.

TMT strategy consulting

Backed by over 30 years of combined hands-on-experience, our strategy consulting services are grounded in reality and backed by rigorous market intelligence.

Merger and acquisitions (M&A) Services

We provide commercial and technical M&A services owing to our specialist expertise, tapping into our extensive contact base and deep technology understanding.

Operations Implementation

Unlike traditional strategy consultants, we ensure great plans are not left on the shelf. We back our strategies up with actionable roadmaps and have the operational expertise necessary to implement them.

Areas Of Expertise

Within the vast TMT industry, we are specialists in the following areas:

From strategy to full implementation, for successful MVNOs, operator sub-brands and IoT providers

Go-to-market strategies, identifying new segments and verticals, and negotiating airtime deals

Customer loyalty strategies to engage competition from digital disruptors, developed specially for TMT players

Innovative propositions for future-proof fixed-mobile connectivity, media and tech convergence

Developing flexible platform architectures and solutions to enable connected partner ecosystems

Helping operators and platforms gain a share of the mobile payments and fintech boom

Improving productivity through real-time communication between people and tech

Our expertise At Red Dawn Consulting we have deep experience in Artificial Intelligence consulting with a focus on strategy. Before the sudden global surge in generative AI, we supported the development of data-based customer retention and acquisition (see our whitepaper on Augmented Decision Making). Data where the value of AI is found, without it there … Continue reading "Artificial Intelligence"

Our Expertise Satellite technology has undergone a huge shift in recent years. Companies like Starlink, OneWeb, Viasat and Amazon are taking advantage of the growth in low earth orbit satellites to offer never before seen levels of connectivity. As these companies compete with each other, airtime costs will fall and business cases will grow (e.g. … Continue reading "Satellite"

Our Expertise Whilst championing emerging technologies, we have become experts in blockchain strategy consulting. From conception to launch, we create game changing go-to-market plans for our clients. With a bespoke design, our delivery considers the specific needs of each client. Disrupting blockchain takes the same skills as disrupting other emerging technologies. Blockchain is more than … Continue reading "Blockchain"

Our expertise When everything centres around data, cybersecurity is the priority. As cybersecurity consultants, we helped design the digital economy strategy of leading countries. As a result, we understand the impact that cybersecurity has on how a government operates. Further, we have designed regulatory frameworks, and know the policies that are in place (and to … Continue reading "Cybersecurity"

Our expertise Virtual reality and augmented reality consulting ensures that there is an efficient mobile ecosystem where the industry can thrive. IoT, wholesale, BSS/ OSS, convergence, and more are all vital to their functioning. They are also some of our key areas of expertise. We leverage our superior knowledge to build innovative strategies for reality … Continue reading "Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality"

Staying on top of the latest developments and their impact, including AI, Cloud, VR & AR and blockchain

Technology Industry As a result of the rapid pace of technology development reinvention of propositions and products is just as crucial as an invention. Our mission is to assist technology companies in developing cutting-edge business models, enabling change within and throughout their organisations, all in view of sustaining performance in a competitive market. In addition, … Continue reading "TMT Expertise"

Our Clients

We work with market leaders accross the value chain and across the globe:




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