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Move your M&A deals with speed and certainty

Perform M&A with speed and certainty

At a time of unprecedented disruption and an increased focus on innovation within the TMT sector, keeping up with key trends and changes in the market is a constant battle. TMT mergers and acquisitions (M&A) services help you to win. We support favourable deal values, compete with new portfolios and capitalise on new opportunities.
Inorganic growth is one of the fastest ways stay competitive the TMT sector. Joint ventures, alliances, mergers, and acquisitions coupled with divestitures when needed are in the M&A toolkit. It is no easy feat.
Merger and acquisition activity must align with business objectives and provide great opportunity for growth. It sounds simple, but in reality it’s a challenging task. RDC has extensive experience in planning and executing M&A and as a result have helped countless companies add strategic capabilities and reach quickly and cost-effectively.
Having supported many complex and profitable mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures, we can help you create the right deal value through M&A—faster and with greater certainty.

Business models

M&A  supports business models through four key themes- horizontal M&A, verticle M&A, market extension, and product extension (or a combination of them). We provide expert professional advice on these transactions across the TMT landscape.

Merger and acquisition activity

The TMT sector continues to be a staple of private equity with the highest valuations arising in technology firms. In recent years we have seen a flurry of M&A deals with incredibly high values that have deeply impacted the TMT industry, for example:

Deal value

$2 trillion transacted across 2,274 deals in the first half of 2022 in spite of the historic increase in inflation globally caused by the war in Ukraine. By the end of 2022, M&A deal activity overtook 2021’s widely reported $5.1 trillion figure.

Key trends

RDC explains how significant M&A activity is being fuelled by digital transformation and, in turn, how M&A is accelerating transformation at lightning speed in sectors ranging from Telecoms and Technology to Software and Artificial Intelligence. RDC addresses key trends and data that are relevant to businesses looking to secure the right deal value.

Our capabilities

Our cross-functional M&A background enables us to jump in at any point of a merger or acquisition to see your initiative through, from research to onboarding.

Corporate strategy

Get the right strategic TMT sector fit. We help you make better decisions on digital transformation. We will answer questions on why to invest, where to invest and when to invest in order to align with your business’ objectives and avoid unnecessary risk.

Target screening

Source the right deal. We will assess potential critical opportunities and other factors to help you prioritise candidates for your M&A journey.

Due diligence

Challenge assumptions. Our markets, customers, competitors and technology insights help you choose the right target and secure the right value for your M&A deal.

Merger integration

Deliver on the synergies. We will help you reap the benefits of your deal with confidence with expertise in ensuring new assets human, technological and IP integrate effectively into your new corporate structure.

Divestitures and carve-outs

Let go to grow. We’ll build strategies to help you achieve your divestiture objectives and make sure the core offerings of your business are not detracted from by unnecessary additions.


Get actionable insights. We use advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to drive performance, expedite the M&A deal cycle and improve decision-making.

How we work


We don’t simply play back what we’re being told. Even if our key highlights mean a fundamental shift in traditional thinking or creating a separate legal entity, we won’t hold back on bringing innovation and recommendations to avoid sustainable risk.


We deliver short-term gains without compromising long-term sustainable growth. Technology has the power to transform societies. Our role is to ensure customers are treated respectfully, not simply as a monetisable commodity. Positive social impact matters to us.


We don’t just deliver disruptive ideas; we back them up. Our market intelligence is highly rigorous – we leave no stone unturned to ensure you have optimal advice. End-to-end for us means strategy should come with a practical delivery plan made possible by our consultants’ hands-on experience.


We move with industry, which is evolving at a phenomenal pace. Whilst our methodologies are well established, we bake flexibility into our approach. Adapting M&A strategy as findings emerge is vital to keep our clients ahead of the competition.

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