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We offer world class enterprise solutions consulting in order to ensure you are best equipped for the changing market landscape. Improved productivity is the most important outcome of a well executed enterprise strategy. Seamless integration is at the core of enterprise solutions. It allows for uninterrupted, real-time communication between team members and customers along side different technologies and platforms.
Enterprises must decide which unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions to rollout in their organisation. Solutions must work across multiple device types. Also, they must be able to seamlessly access different geographies, languages, time zones and cultures.
Integrating mobile, landline, IP, Wi-Fi, cloud, networking solutions and applications is hugely complex. The task requires an equally complex solution architecture. Only a partnership mentality can achieve this.

There is no one size fits all solution. What works for a single country SME will not be appropriate for a global enterprise. Each company and industry is subject to different regulation. For example, the latency requirements in banking.

Considering the public sector, government will often mandate use of private networks with dedicated service and different security levels. There could also be requirements for combining terrestrial and satellite solutions.

Home working and video collaboration has become part of the norm. So it is time to re-think the entire employee experience in order to maintain welfare, security and productivity. Solutions require lower latency than ever before. Home bandwidth must support someone leading a meeting in the kitchen at the same time as another performs a presentation in the office. Enterprise solutions to facilitate remote working have become a necessity for business efficiency.

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  • Unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) strategy
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