The Digital Brands Opportunity

Mobile operators are now, more than ever, willing to undergo new ventures under a “wholesale-as-a-service” model. Digital brands align well with this, providing opportunities to deepen customer engagement and monetisation in a mobile world where brand affiliation is becoming more critical than ever before. Lifestyle services are the vehicle through which this revolution will occur.

These services cater to a customer base that demands more personalisation and attentiveness to their needs. To enable all of this, business support systems (BSS) must evolve to enable personalisation and an understanding of individual customer behaviours with the aim of winning the customer experience race.

In this paper, we identify the growth drivers of digital brands. We then highlight the industry challenges that digital brands can solve before we demonstrate real world applications of digital brand ecosystems. Following on from this, we outline a selection of emerging lifestyle services whose success hinges on engagement with the digital brand and the best practices they should follow to create customer relevance.


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