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UK-based global TMT experts, Red Dawn Consulting (RDC), provides clients with sustainable strategies and consulting services to secure technology investment, drive growth, and enable acquisition

Identify Your Strategy

RDC provides strategy consulting to help technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) companies build a strategy for the future. Our industry insights, analytics and years of experience provides our TMT clients with a plan. These plans include strategic and tactical decisions, highlighting overall objectives and using these objectives as management tools.
Once defined, it is crucial for companies to embrace the new strategy. Following this, they must build support for strategic change within the company. Done by fostering a collaborative approach, bringing teams together and developing infrastructure that aligns all stakeholders. This will break down working silos and eliminate conflicting activities that don’t contribute to new strategic goals.
Businesses must be able to distinguish business models, business strategy, marketing, and mission statements from each other. Data are vital in achieving this. For example, in the telecom industry BT states that its mission is “to connect for good”. This is the overarching vision for the company, not a strategy in and of itself. Strategy develops within the boudaries of the vision.
Strategies come in all shapes and sizes and can vary significantly in depth. However, most strategy documents will contain the following:

Vision and objectives

We help you reach your business objectives with a clear strategy. Effectively communicating your vision identifies milestones and resources needed to meet goals.

Core values

Our strategy emphasises new opportunities and showcase how to meet core company values. RDC identifies TMT challenges and analyses them before sharing with your team to ensure that your team are all aligned with the same goals.


Understanding any business’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats is critical for long term growth. Our due diligence and in depth research company will provide a warts and all, self-aware assessment of your company. Understanding these factors helps define where the organisation can win customers and identify areas for development, such as business and operating models, to address critical challenges like marketing and pricing pressures.

Tactics and operational delivery

Proper tactical descision making will define how to deliver the work. Tactical delivery is critical to success, it is vital to involve managers in descision making and their role in executing ideas. This ensures that time and effort are not wasted.

Resources and resource allocation

Generally, business plans will cover the allocation of existing resources and identify where to source additional resources, such as media. Clients and executives rely on multiple resources, including people, technology, finances, and physical assets. A clear understanding of what aspects of the strategy are critical and where to invest in order to support them is essential to support business transformation and meet strategic goals.

Measurement and analysis

The evaluation phase focusses on assessing how a business is performing. Measurement makes sure you are able to maintain close alignment with the strategy, set achievable deadlines and goals, and address budgetary considerations. Data and business intelligence platforms are crucial to the success of in this phase.

RDC’s unmatched approach

RDC provides rigorous strategy consulting services perfected over 30 years of hands-on expertise with companies in the TMT industry. Our direct industry experience and professional services sets us apart and allows us to provide our clients with unparalleled insights and new opportunities. We will mould your strategy into something that truthfully reflects your brand.

Our strategy consulting methodologies make us leaders in developing pragmatic strategies that create new revenue streams and evolve existing ones. We excel in advising on investment in new technologies and launching new products or services to boost shareholder value. We are trusted partners in organising acquisitions that support entry into new geographies and segments. On top of this, we have the strategic capabilities to merge and acquire assets, making our clients best positioned for market entry. Additionally, we maximise valuations by divesting non-core capabilities. In short, we enable our clients to focus on their strategic aims and take our clients core offerings to the next level.

Serving the TMT Industry

Our team uses customer insight and market intelligence to help companies reach their full potential. Our innovative thinking is backed by methodology based research and decades of industry experience. We continuously strive to expand our understanding of the Technology, Media and Telecoms sector. We produce groundbreaking thought leadership that has gathered esteem in all corners of the industry from telecoms, media and technology professionals.

Trusted by the TMT Industry

With our unique perspective, we provide a tailored view of the TMT sector that is unmatched by our competitors. We create a customised approach to strategy consulting that offers our clients a bespoke solution to match each of their needs.

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