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UK-based global TMT experts, Red Dawn Consulting (RDC), provides clients with sustainable strategies and consulting services to secure technology investment, drive growth, and enable acquisition.

Identify Your Strategy

Red Dawn Consulting (RDC) helps Technology, media and telecommunications companies and industry create a strategy built for the future. Our industry insights, analytics, pricing and previous projects allow us to give TMT clients a clear plan that will include a range of strategic and tactical decisions and overall objectives that will act as a central framework for management.

Once the strategic framework is defined, companies must live and breathe it. Allowing different teams the chance to work together, develop infrastructure, and gain support helps support strategic and tactical tasks and prevents teams from working in silos or pulling in opposite directions.

Businesses must search for the difference between business models, business strategy, marketing, and mission statements. Data can be vital in achieving this. One example is the telecom industry. BT’s mission is “to connect for good.” Software companies like Workday, whose mission is “To put people at the centre of enterprise software”. Neither of these is strategy, but more the vision that the process will deliver. It creates the framework within which it will be developed. centre

Strategies come in all shapes and sizes (see some examples below) and can vary significantly in depth. Most documents will, however, contain the following:

Vision and objectives

We help you reach your business objectives with a clear strategy. The visual element provides media, a clear direction, provides and enables tactical instructions for what tasks must be completed, and highlight the strategy and essential resources responsible for achieving them.

Core values

Our strategy highlights new opportunities and pricing and showcases what should and should not be done according to the companies core values. Our team helps to highlight media, technologies, challenges and analysis to ensure that, as a company, your team of employees are all on the same page and buy into the same goals.

SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)

Understanding its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats is critical for any businesses future. Our due diligence and search results ensure that humility and self-awareness are present. Understanding this helps define where the organisation can win customers and what areas to develop, such as business and operating models, which can help with critical challenges such as marketing and pricing pressures.

Tactics and operational delivery

The tactical element will set out the operational details that define how the work should be delivered. Tactical delivery is critical for success, and managers responsible for tactics understand what needs to be done. This ensures that time and effort are not wasted.

Resources and resource allocation

Generally, the resource element of a business plan will cover the allocation of existing resources and where additional resources, such as media, will be found. Most clients and executives rely on many resources, including people, technology, finances, and physical. A clear picture of what to invest in and the critical essential events enable the transformation and execution to achieve the mission.

Measurement and analysis

The evaluation phase emphasises how a business is performing. Measurement helps you stay closely aligned with the strategy, define deadlines and goals, and address budget concerns. Data and business intelligence platforms play a crucial role in this phase.

RDCs unmatched approach

RDC provides rigorous strategy consulting services perfected over 30 years of hands-on expertise for TMT industry companies. Our direct experience in the industry and professional services sets us apart and allow us to provide our customers with unparalleled insights and new opportunities. We will mould your strategy into something worthy of your brand.

Our methodologies make us leaders in developing pragmatic strategies to create new revenue streams and evolve existing ones. We have an unbeaten capacity to advise investment in new technologies and launch new products or services to drive favourable shareholder returns. We are trusted partners in licence acquisitions that facilitate entry into new geographies and segments. On top of this, we know how to strategically merge and acquire assets, placing our clients in the best position possible upon market entry. Further, we grow valuation upsides using our optimisation capabilities to divest in non-core abilities. In short, we enable our clients to focus on their strategic aims and bring what drives their business to the forefront.

Serving the TMT Industry

Our team solve problems, using customer insight and market intelligence to help companies reach their full potential. Our out-of-the-box thinking is backed by rigorous research using technology, methodologies and intelligence. We constantly strive to improve our understanding of the Technology, Media and Telecoms sectors combined with the operating model helps us publish revolutionary thought leadership which is trusted by technology media and technology professionals

Trusted by the TMT Industry

With our unique perspective, we provide a tailored approach view of the TMT sector that our competitors are unmatched. Our technology media knowledge helps create tailored approaches for each client’s needs.

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