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The Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) industry drives the rapid pace and scope of digital transformation (DTX) through new strategies, innovation, and the development of emerging technologies, products, and services that define how we can work, live and do business

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The TMT industry helps customers access emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, 5G, and beyond, driving the demands of digital transformation and reaping the benefits of data. Using TMT market intelligence, companies in the industry can stay up to date with trends and data to maintain a competitive advantage.

Use our TMT market intelligence to find companies that can support your strategic goals. We help companies learn more about MVNOs and sub-brands across boarders. We provide insights into technology trends, TMT analysis on the networks MVNOs and sub-brands use, the way they provide services, subscriber data, and business strategies that drive their growth.

RDC’s unmatched approach

Our expert TMT analysis and database of white papers, reports, and research shows that the TMT sector thrives on innovation and investment from capital markets that offers the industry access to free trials and services. This provides TMT companies with access real data and search results which help to ignite and drive growth.

RDCs’ TMT intelligence and knowledge are unparalleled. As a trusted industry advisor, we help the TMT companies analyse new technologies and services to effectively target customers. We minimise risk, identify opportunities and offer insights into the competition using our unbeaten research. We also collaborate with partners in media and capital investment to make sure that the economic goals of the company are aligned with its technology.

Discover the global TMT industry

We use our tried and tested, hands-on knowledge as well as our network to deliver TMT intelligence insights that translate into meeting the needs our TMT customers want. Our ability to customise reports which educate, strategies that win, and business models that last is one of the reasons RDC is a trusted advisor across the TMT Industry.

Our expertise and unrivalled TMT industry knowledge have been years in the making. As technology continues to evolve, our expertise evolves with it. We pride ourselves on having an RDC team that embodies this adaptability and leads to so many companies benefiting from RDC’s research and insights.

Serving TMT decision-makers globally

RDC’s insights, global contacts, and customers allows TMT decision makers to provide vital services covering all key TMT technologies. We focus on digital growth areas. For example, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing. Our expertise spans MVNOs, Telecoms, and operator sub-brands. This knowledge is all supported by an unrivaled database of TMT analysis and data.
At RDC we provide TMT decision-makers with up-to-date, metrics and insights on the entire MVNX ecosystem (MVNOs, Mobile Network Operators), Mobile Network Virtual Network Enablers (MVNEs), Mobile Network Virtual Network Aggregators (MVNAs), as well as any Mobile Innovator on Networks (MIONs).
We also help build market disruptors, setting strategies for technology newcomers to evolve. Our market intelligence covers Internet of Things (IoT), satellite, software, and service delivery platforms. Our deep knowledge includes emerging technologies like machine learning, blockchain, and cyber security.

Trusted, global market intelligence

RDCs market intelligence has delivered M&A activity across regions. Our M&A has supported new market entry and addressed and developed propositions.
We provide access to our extensive database of primary research and access to our network of key industry leaders, influencers, and advisers. The database includes TMT intelligence, TMT industry global trends reports. Some of the TMT competitor companies included are:
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Service Providers
  • Capital Markets
  • Professional Services
  • Governments & Regulatory Agencies

Customised market intelligence

Our advisory services and solutions lead corporate development and drive strategy. We are detail focused, regardless of the topic or the customer. We understand how subscriber gains and losses impact business. As a result, we can explore the best business development opportunities for our clients. We keep a watchful eye on product uptake and consumer preferences across the TMT market to help uncover development opportunities in areas like:
  • Corporate Development & Strategy
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Supply Chain
  • Data Science

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Our global advisory services help our clients develop winning strategies through in-depth market, competitor, and customer insights, including:

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