Oliver Sheard


Oliver is a consultant with a focus on research, analysis and delivery. Prior to joining RDC he worked at the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs. His education background includes a BA in Ancient History and an MSc in Humanitarian Engineering, the latter generating a passion for sustainability and facilitating client ESG goals. Such a varied background has provided him with a deep interdisciplinary skill set vital for success in the professional services sector. He has built expertise in IoT, AI, go-to-market strategy (for both platform and cybersecurity), digital economy planning and regulation, and customer retention in his tenure at RDC. Now a vital part of the team, Oliver engages clients with a masterful command of the written word.    

Key topics & skills:

  • Design
  • MVNO
  • Sub-brands
  • IoT
  • Loyalty
  • Research
  • Metaverse

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