Mandy Bagot

Mandy Bagot

Head of Operations

• Mandy is a business professional with 25 years experience in finance, strategy, cloud solutions, systems and project management. Mandy excels at managing client relationships, projects and leading teams as well as managing bespoke client projects and systems needed during her time in the financial/consulting industry. Her in-depth knowledge and expertise extends to cloud software and technology.
• Mandy’s key knowledge areas include: Cloud solutions, operational design, financial management and KPI development.
Achievements and highlights:
– Launched a national franchise
– Managed a portfolio of 100 clients at Paris Partnership accountants leading a team of 15 acountants
– Identifying best practices deployed by successful mobile sub-brands to assist an MNO to develop its own sub-brand strategy
– Determining the market opportunity for launching Wi-Fi networks in sub-Saharan Africa
– Assessing the opportunity to launch/support MVNOs in Western Europe
– Delivering financial due diligence for MVNE/IOT projects
– Mandy is a qualified Certified Accountant

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